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When I was a young lawyer, struggling to make a living and pay the bills, a wise and more experienced attorney said to me:  “Don’t worry about the money – take care of your clients and the money will take care of itself,” which meant to me – “Take the High Road.”    That statement has since become the foundation of my practice and this firm.  To this day, nearly 30 years later, taking care of our clients is the number one priority.  By adhering to this philosophy, the Firm’s goal is to help rebuild our clients’ lives which have all too often been torn apart physically, emotionally and financially by various types of injuries.   It’s never possible to restore a life that’s been taken or damaged, but it is possible to handle the process with civility and respect for all concerned.    – Thomas E. Hastings

Theresa M. Duncan, Of Counsel

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Teri has been practicing law since 2000, when she graduated cum laude from the University of New Mexico School of Law.  After clerking for Judge Lynn Pickard of the New Mexico Court of Appeals, Teri joined the Appellate Division of the New Mexico Public Defender Department, where she practiced before the Court of Appeals and the New Mexico Supreme Court.  In 2003, Teri joined the defense team for Terry Lynn Nichols, who faced the death penalty...
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Mark A. Earnest

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Mark is an experienced trial lawyer, having tried over 100 jury trials since being admitted to practice in 1993.  Mark devoted nearly twenty years to the defense of people charged with criminal offenses, and developed a reputation for fearless and creative advocacy.  From 1993 to 2001, Mark practiced in Indianapolis, Indiana.  In 2001, he moved to New Mexico to join the Capital Crimes Division of the New Mexico Public Defender Department. ...
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